Upfront Books is an audio publisher that identifies, funds, produces, and distributes timeless audiobooks.

Our focus is on books that have a track record of standing the test of time, as well as books that thousands of listeners will benefit from in their daily lives and careers.

We're also known for bringing technical books to audio for the first time.

We're an audiobook publisher with roots in technology. We bring some of the world's best technical books to the audio format, and we're also able to set up custom websites and apps for our author-partners.

We're based in New York, NY, the media capital of the world.

And we collaborate with top talent located all over the world.

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We're a partner to authors.

We truly partner with authors to be their audiobook publisher. We're financially aligned, work closely with you to fulfill your vision, and bring together technology and talent from all over the world to bring great products to listeners.